Albion Online Gold: Changes Needed Pt. 4

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We continue on some of the things that need to be changed in Albion Online for it to become more awesome. Albion Online looks really amazing but of course there still are bad mechanics in the game and players . Once these faults are removed, in-game activities like farming Albion Online Gold will be better and more fun.

Albion Online Gold: Continuation

T7 and T8 Must Be Rare

T7 and T8 also appear outside of black zones. That shouldn’t be. They need to be rare and to do so, they only should show in black zones. This will also give players reason to leave red aside from avoiding the broken crime system.

Slow Should Be Buffed

As mentioned from the previous post, it is hard to catch people. With the alt-f4 technique as well, it is impossible to engage anyone and kill them. Melees are at significant advantage as well since they have to go near a target to damage. At least buff the effectiveness of slows so that attackers have a chance to pk.

Put More AOE

Zerging is quite the go to strategy most of the time. Yes, it is legit to gather more people for easier kills but that takes away the possibility of an under-numbered fight being winnable. Adding more area of effect skills can at least deter people on creating a stampede and can force individual skills out of them.

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Other more needed to be fixed are some user interface related matters such as zoom-out bugs, hackable and other exploits. The map being hackable is very important because it is a significant advantage in Albion Online. Players with ability to see from afar compared to other players is considered cheating because it is, well, a great advantage that the game doesn’t intend. Another would be removing the ignore list limit. Come on, what if the number of annoying players exceed the limit? I can’t add any more to my ignore list? That would be a disappointment.

Any more fixes to add so that Albion Online can become the best game ever? Is there anything that impedes you and your Albion Online Currency farming? Let us know in the comments section.

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