Albion Online Gold: Changes Needed Pt. 3

We continue on some of the things that need to be fixed in Albion Online for it to become better. Albion Online looks really good but of course there are flaws and people do take notice. Once these faults are removed, in-game activities like farming Albion Online Gold will be smoother and more enjoyable.

Albion Online Gold: Continuation

Alt-F4 Logout

So, this thing should be automatically fixed. I mean, the developers shouldn’t be waiting for people to take notice because this is common sense. This shouldn’t be in Albion or any game. Alt-F4 or force closing the game to avoid being killed is not new. So this trick shouldn’t be in Albion Online since day one. I don’t know if they fixed or plan to fix this but this one is a mortal sin for developers if they don’t.

Map Too Big

Okay, this one is a matter of opinion. The problem with this is that people are having a hard time finding people because the world is big. Well, if the population is huge, this wouldn’t be a problem since one will be a finding a player to challenge in no time. Since the game has not garnered that big of a player base, the world being so vast is a problem for PvPers.

Criminal System

Here are just suggestions on how to fix the current criminal system in Albion Online:

  1. a) criminals can work their reputation back up somehow once below the threshold of flagging
  2. b) criminals can respawn in and enter red cities at any city, but can’t do anything once in them (if they’re the lowest reputation) (they can trade for gear, access their chest, the AH, but only public buildings.) [OR MAYBE ALLOW SHOP OWNERS TO DISALLOW CRIMINALS TO USE THEIR STUFF]
  3. c) dying reduces your positive reputation by a certain %, such that you can’t keep naked scouting flagged people and drop their reputation to nefarious in 5 minutes.

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Hopefully these suggestions will be fixed so that Albion Online Currency can be earned easily. Game mechanics and features are important for the game to be more enjoyable thus players will keep on playing. We will continue on giving out suggestions on how to make Albion Online a great game.

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