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There are different types of MMORPG players. One category is how long a player plays each day. There are players that are online almost the whole day every day. Every time you login, they are online. It seems that they don’t logout. They are the ones who usually always have the best gears and other accessories. Those are the hardcore players. On the other hand, there are players who don’t login as much as hardcore players. They are the ones who are online for one to four or five hours max in a day. They just login on their littlest free time of the day to just do the littlest but the most important things of the day. For example in Albion, they just farm Albion Online Currency. They aren’t still considered casual players because we can never measure their dedication to the game even though they only play for a handful of hours.

Albion Online Currency: Great Example

Here is an example of a player who only can play a few hours in a day but still wants to make a great impact in Albion Online:


I’d like to ask how feasible this game is for solo players. Not that I hate other people, but rather I play in early afternoon before peak times, and even then only for an hour max each day, so grouping up with other players just doesn’t seem to work out for me in other games.

Granted, I’m not trying to go out and wtfpwn people. In fact I’d rather build myself as a crafter (so a player made economy seems great, since there will always be a need for an influx of crafted goods).

I don’t even like PvP in other games. I especially hate ganking (both as the ganker, and especially the gankee). Is it even possible to be successful or enjoy myself while limiting my encounters of such activities?

My ideal situation is this: I find a guild I like, but 90% chance I’ll never be online with other members at the same time. I’ll probably be lower tier (assuming higher tiers need all that sweet group gameplay), but I can still be useful contributing lower tier resources/items to the guild.

If that’s possible, I think I would enjoy myself.

Albion Online, Albion Online Currency, Albion Online Gold, Albion Online Silver, Albion Online Gold / Silver

He is draknarr and I would like to commend him for being truthful to the people of Albion Online on how he is planning to play the game. Some people don’t admit it and are just annoying. So yeah, any answers for draknarr? Let’s make him an ultimate Albion Online Gold / Silver maker and be a great impact to the game even though he will be playing only for an hour each day!

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