Albion Online Currency: Changes Needed Pt. 2

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Last time I shared you some of the suggested changes in Albion Online that people say in forums. The community of Albion is pretty active in voicing out their opinions because they have a lot of expectations from the game. After all, the one thing that Albion is boasting is that players have freedom and control to what is happening in the game. Whether it’ll affect the flow of Albion Online Currency or the tier list of different classes, players will dictate that. Let us continue on taking some suggestions from people all over the internet.

Albion Online Currency: Continuation

Mounting While in PvP Combat

This is pretty ironic that you can mount while in PvP combat because you get dismounted easily when you enter PvP combat. Yeah, just pick one please. If the game will dismount a player instantly once get hit, then he shouldn’t be able to mount again. For me, Albion is encouraging players to engage in combat once aggroed by player or npc by dismounting them upon engagement. Why in the world players can mount again? To dismount again? So yeah, it is very confusing.

Albion, Albion Online, Albion Online Currency, Albion Online Gold, Albion Gold / Silver, Albion Silver,

Login Buff Should Be Nerfed or Remove

Logging in applies invulnerability and movement speed boost. This has said to be in the game for two years now. I don’t know, maybe since alpha and up to now and the developers haven’t done anything about it. It goes to show that for them it is a balanced part of the game and should never be touched. The problem about is that this can be exploited. I am not sure if you can logout while in PvP but if you can, just log back in and you have invulnerability and speed boost. So long to your gankers.

The two mentioned in this write-up are just suggestions to balance the game so that players who plan to engage PvP won’t be in the disadvantage. Not that I am saying the other should be on the disadvantage. The plan is to fix and balance the game. This will change the game because no one will die in PvP if both mentioned won’t change. No Albion Online Gold / Silver will be rewarded to PvPers cause no one dies.

There are more suggestions to fix the game. Look out for them!

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