Albion Gold: Looking Back

It will be almost two months since the last update for Albion Online. As the new update, Faye, will be released tomorrow, let us take a look back on the last update that took place last September 28, 2016. Changes do affect the economy of the game as well. Hopefully you guys know this if you are planning to rack up some Albion Online Gold.

Albion Gold: Sept 28 Update

When we here updates, the first thing we think of is “what are the improvements applied to the game?” Here are some of the improvements last September from the official Albion Online website:


Highlands Biome

The Highlands arrive! Half of the old Mountain areas have been switched to the new Highlands biome. Highlands are hilly areas, featuring rock, ore and wood. They are inhabited by the Keepers of Albion, who guard the land from all who would seek to despoil it (this includes you).

New Artifacts

  • Keeper artifacts are now available, rounding out the full selection of items at the Gateway power level.
  • Hell artifacts are also available for all item types; these are more powerful than existing artifacts, and can be obtained from Demon Bosses.

Other Improvements

  • Reduced all resource weights by 40%.
  • Added an option to set the intensity of spell area indicators.
  • Biomes can now spawn their least-common resource type (eg wood for Highlands, ore for Steppe) all the way up to Elder resources.
  • Swamp areas now have a full set of swamp-specific mobs. (Note that this does not apply to areas which will be converted to Forest in future.)
  • In case you have been banned, the login screen will now display the reason for this action.
  • All salvageable items should now drop silver on knockdown/death.
  • Leaving unrestricted PvP Areas while in combat will not instantly cancel the unrestricted PvP mode. This means when a player engages in combat close to a treasure chest, he can be downed without any reputation loss, even if the player leaves the circle again.
  • Significantly reduced memory allocation per frame, which should reduce stuttering in scenes with many characters.
  • Added new visual effects for harvesting actions!

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I hope these changes made you earn Albion Online Currency easier and faster. Another update will be applied tomorrow, November 23, 2016 and I hope you guys stay tuned for it here!

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